COVID-19 Guidelines/Instructions

– Guidelines for Ex-Gratia Assistance to Next of Kin of the Deceased by Covid-19 District Rupnagar

– Safety Guidelines for Govt Office in the State of Punjab Dated 12-05-2020

– Guidelines for using ACs in Govt Offices/Hospitals/home Dated 12-05-2020

– Integrated Govt. Online Training (iGOT) courses on DIKSHA platform on COVID-19 pandemic dated 12-05-2020

– Guidelines for Cleanliness of SEWA Kendra and advisory for the staff Dated 05-05-2020

– Guidelines for safe operation of Government office establishment in the State of Punjab during COVID-19 pandemic Dated 04-05-2020

– Disinfection Guidelines for Hospitals and Departments

– Guidelines for home quarantine

– Guidelines for Isolation Ward

– Use of mask by public

– Management Committees of Isolation Facilities Date 10-04-2020

– Disposal of Unclaimed Dead Bodies of COVID-19 Patients Date 10-04-2020

– Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines for Hospitals 09-03-2020

– Discharge Policy COVID-19 28-03-2020

– Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Allotment of Funds in SDRF 26-03-2020

– Guidelines on Dead body management 15-03-2020

– Modified List of Items and Norms for utilization from SDRF

– Guidelines Ministry of Home Affairs 08-03-2020

– Government Guidelines – I

– Government Guidelines – II

– Government Guidelines – III

COVID-19 Advisory

– In view of increasing number of COVID cases – Advisory regarding wearing of masks Dated 21-04-2022

– Government Advisory during Curfew/Lock down

– Social Distancing Advisory by MOHFW

– Covid 19 Dead body management plan Dated 04-04-2020

– Linkage of Isolation facilities to HDU and ICU Facilities 02-04-2020

– HFW-COVID Travel Advisory -17th March2020

– Essential orders regarding Mask, hand gloves and sanitizers 13-03-2020

– Advisory on COVID19 03-03-2020

COVID-19 Notifications

– Notification of Containment plan by MOHFW

– Notification REGARDING MASK 10-04-2020

– Notification regarding COVA APP COVID-19 Dated 02-04-2020

– Notification Regarding Constitution of District covid-19 Management committee Dated 01-04-2020

– COVID-19 Notification of Facilities Isolation in State 24-03-2020

– Notification of COVID19 testing in India 17-03-2020

– Notification Response and containment plan for COVID19 04-03-2020