Publish Date : 30/05/2022

The District Administration of Rupnagar on Friday, 27 May organised two programmes as part of an awareness drive aiming to aid the rehabilitation of recovering and recovered people with substance abuse disorders, including those that were on their journey towards recovery through tapering dose therapy. The administration had invited 82 such individuals in two batches to help them rehabilitate successfully and sustainably.

The first event was organised for sober individuals and those engaging in gradual de-addiction through tapering at the District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE), Rupnagar for their skill development under the Punjab Skill Development Mission (PDSM). The PDSM can currently assist 60 benefactors through a charge-free residential training program for electricians and generate awareness about the loans that they can avail of. The event, launched by the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Preeti Yadav and Additional Deputy Commissioner-General, Ms Nidhi Kumud Bamba at 11 AM, aimed to generate awareness about the skilling programmes available under the PDSM and to facilitate rehabilitation by placing focus on financial independence through self-employment. Additionally, representatives from the District Industries Centre engaged in awareness – enabling industry and providing resources for entrepreneurship to emerge.

This was followed by the second event on the agenda at 3 PM, facilitated by the District Development Fellow (DDF), Tushar Singh Bodwal and PSDM. Invitees for the awareness generation programme included representatives from the Dairy Development Board (DDB), the Agriculture Department and the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK). Having representatives from three organisations aided the creation of a holistic consciousness about a variety of government schemes available for rehabilitated and recovering individuals. Awareness generation about skill development was covered by the KVK, while the DDB engaged in sharing information to aid people wanting to indulge in self-employment. Employment projects addressed by the DDB included endeavours like establishing one’s own dairy farms, and educating the audiences on methods to maximise their efforts by effectively capitalising on the advantages they could garner from existing government schemes. Particular attention was accorded to rehabilitated individuals belonging to scheduled castes who were made aware of the special loan schemes available to them.

Additionally, 396 drug rehabilitated individuals and those engaging in gradual de-addiction through tapering were tele-counselled by the DBEE, PSDM and DDF to generate awareness about the training enrollment camps and different loan schemes that can be availed by them to undertake self-employment activities.